Vehicle theft affects you.

When vehicle theft rates rise in Illinois, so do insurance premiums.
Since 1991, the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council has reduced vehicle theft in Illinois by 77%.
The reduction in vehicle theft equals savings in your pocket.

Since 1991...

Convictions obtained
Violation letters issued
to audited businesses
Criminal Investigations
Stolen vehicles
Audits of vehicle-
related businesses
Arrests Made

$342 million saved.

Welcome to the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention & Insurance Verification Council

The mission of the Illinois MVTPIV Council is to prevent, combat and reduce motor vehicle theft, insurance fraud, and motor vehicle theft-related crimes including recycled metal theft in Illinois through supportive efforts with law enforcement..

In 1991, the General Assembly established the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council, an 11-member coalition of representatives from the insurance industry, state's attorneys, and law enforcement officers. It is a private and public partnership effectively combating motor vehicle theft and related crimes in Illinois. The Illinois Compiled Statute (20 ILCS 4005/) that allows the Council to exercise its powers, duties and responsibilities can be viewed here:

As of 2018, the Council was restructured via Public Act 100-0373 to expand efforts into mandatory insurance verification and to deter, investigate and prosecute recyclable metal theft. View the Public Act here:

Vehicle theft in Illinois has dropped nearly 77 percent since the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act was first passed by the General Assembly. From 1991 to 2014, the annual number of stolen vehicles decreased from 75,642 to 17,563.This has resulted in a projected savings of more than $340 million in property losses.

Grant funds awarded by the Council have improved motor vehicle theft law enforcement by establishing and supporting multi-jurisdictional task forces, investigative teams, and other anti-theft efforts throughout the state.

Why the MVTPC Matters

News & Publications

2018 Annual Insurance Assessment

The Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act (20 ILCS 4005/1 et seq) took effect January 1, 1991, creating the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council. The Act requires all insurance companies licensed to write private passenger vehicle insurance coverage in Illinois that are included in Class 2 and Class 3 of Section 4 of the Illinois Insurance Code to annually pay into the special trust fund $1 for each earned car year of exposure for physical damage (comprehensive) insurance coverage written during the calendar year.

Pursuant to Public Act, 100-0373, the Secretary of State is charged with providing administrative support to the Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council. Inquiries pertaining to the Council or payments that may be owed to the Council should be directed to the Office of the Secretary of State at

Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council Regular Meeting:
August 22, 2017

The Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 10 a.m., at the offices of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, 300 West Adams Street, Suite 200, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

MVTPC FY2016 Annual Report

The Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Council 2015 Annual Report describes the Council's achievements and challenges over the past year. The Council's partnership of public and private sectors is effectively fighting vehicle theft in Illinois.

Statewide Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Strategy 2016 - 2019

A statewide motor vehicle theft prevention strategy centered on expert opinion, data analyses, public input and the effectiveness of funded programs is adopted by the Council every four years. The strategy describes the nature and extent of vehicle theft in Illinois, regions where the problem is greatest, particular problems that the Council should focus on, and the types of programs that should be supported.